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On the album we experience a band that is truly creating music on their own terms”

Modern Mystery

A delicious fusion of jazz, jam, electronica and alternative psychedelic rock that we simply can't get enough of ”

Paste Magazine

Their new single “Hugo of Bath” is an electronica/rock fan’s wet dream.”

Independent Artist Buzz

Reggae-influenced, narrative indie rock...deeply embedded with narrative richness”

Rock the Pigeon

Their knack for creating “modern psychedelic rock,” gives them an eclectic and unique edge in the current music world. Their heartfelt and honest lyrics pave the way for stunning instrumentation and vibrant musicianship that will stand the test of time”

Modern Mystery

"Hugo of Bath" will conquer you step by step!"”

Where the Music Meets

It’s rich with awesome beats from drummer Mike Malkowski, and the incredibly unique vocals from lead singer Sarah Warshowsky instantly enchants the listener.”

Music Existence

Shaman Elect come on like Renaissance wrapped in modern mystic clothing, making beautiful and expressive music”

Audio Fuzz